Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Wedding Music

Planning your wedding? Planning someone else's wedding? Playing a "gig" at a stranger's wedding? The Music Collection has songbooks and recordings to help you get ready for the big day. Musicians & the happy couple can work together to find just the right pieces for the big event.

Check out compact discs of wedding music to hear the common & uncommon selections that you might want your guests to hear. Then the musicians can check out Sheet music (score) selections of wedding music including both secular and religious songbooks. The music collection has music for organ, string quartet, brass quintet, and of course, singers.

If you are a pianist, you might want to consult Maurice Hinson's Classical music for the Wedding Service: Piano Literature Appropriate for the Wedding Service.

The Chamber Music Finder can help you search the catalog for sheet music for specific ensemble types. If you want music for an unusual grouping, such as clarinet, viola, and piano, you can find it there! Just indicate the instrument and number of players using the instrument, and click "search!" You can also type "wedding" into the keyword box to specify music for weddings.

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