Wednesday, June 9, 2010

4th Floor Update

photo of student assistants with loaded book cartsBracken Library student assistants (and some full-time staff) have been busy for weeks moving the Music Collection print resources to the 4th floor in preparation for Lower Level recarpeting.  All the MLs are now on the 4th floor, and the MTs are almost all there.  The last books to be moved will be the reference collection.

To get to the temporary location:
  • Where you used to go down, go up!
  • Where you used to turn left, turn right!
  • Where you used to turn right, turn left!
Then you should start to see some signs!
photo of sign pointing to temporary shelvesphoto of aisle with sign to right on wall and shelves to left with call numbers near the top of each end panel

...and remember shhhhhhhh The 4th Floor is a Quiet Zone.   No singing!!!

photo of signs saying Quiet Zone

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