Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Carpeting Project Update

Hello everyone

The long-awaited recarpeting of the Lower Level has begun, and things look very different this week!  Computers and book shelves are gone, as are the listening carrels.  Music Collection books and scores are still on the Fourth Floor East, and Music Collection CDs will continue to be available.  There may be a day or two when you may have to ask for CDs at a different service point, but don't let that stop you. Signage in the Lower Level Lobby will direct you to the appropriate place.

My temporary office is BL 302, a study room near the West elevators. There's no phone but you can still use the MC phone numbers to reach the MC: 785-8188 (MC counter) or 785-5065 (my phone). Jason Smith, Kevin Blue, and I will continue to have computer access throughout the process, so e-mail is probably the best way to reach us:,,

For immediate assistance you can call the main Reference Desk: 785-1101 any time that Bracken Library is open.

For those of you who are enjoying a well-deserved rest and can't come in to enjoy the wide open spaces, I've taken some pictures:

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