Tuesday, October 23, 2012

K-Pop in the Music Collection

CDs in the Music Collection
The Music Collection has Korean popular music (K-Pop) in addition to popular music from around the world.  K-Pop is of recent interest because the video of "Gangnam Style" by PSY went viral.  Even before that, K-Pop had been increasingly popular in Asia and gaining a foothold in the United States especially with young audiences.  Billboard Magazine recently added K-Pop to its online series of popular music charts, the only style from outside of the Western Hemisphere (Latin American music has been a staple for years) to be tracked by the music media giant.

To search for Korean popular music, go to the Media Finder for non-Classical Music.  You can search for the style (rock, rap, etc.) and then select Korea as the country:

You can also search for an artist or band by using CardCat and searching for him/her/them as an "author."

PSY's album, with inserts for each song (in Korean)

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